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Jambazi - Enemy (текст песни)

Melowbox, me-me-melowbox

Yeah, yeah... Jambazi...
That's motherfuckaz dog
Even now won't be need in this track
Aha....So one of the motherfuckin' enemies
For this motherfucka' this show... Yeah...

All of one in this fucka' world is survive,
And I don't give a fuck to waste,
Dare making in my life
Life since a day with burn
On the city not a trap
And I don't give a fuck
Whatta' people king
A fame of fuckin' star...
Yeah...Jambazi ragga gangsta...
Since a day I was be G
Our staying here...
And I don't give a fuck
What a people talk about more
Fucka' one of seem of our comin'
In your seemin' show
Don't need respect
And I don't need to love me
Your feed to like me
There I don't give a fuck a day
My skin is white
But my soul is black like a night
You can comin' nigga
If you would but I don't give a fuck
Fake thicks cell of me
Dare not so good
But I don't give a fuck
Cause a lead my life
Like a show you gotta do
Need a tatoo on this hand...
On the live parents

An the enemy... danger
Enemy... star!
When you swimmin' on this trip, but be ready for this show
An the enemy... danger
Enemy... star!
An the enemy... fake fuck... This is trap!

Ours great bums is a destiny,
And I wiil find a til'motherfuckas' burning me
A cure fine when I was plant and I couldn't see
A bitch niggas walk around try not trick... My Lord, forgive me....
I was trapped in the cell again
There I know my name,
There I know the way that I'm do
I'm feel a shame
When a bullet trigger
Kill a bitch nigga
When I try a figga(??)
This plant is done the drug dealer
I'm a third nigga...
I'm for understreets, make a beats looks for loaf
Don't give a shit to your rules,
Cause I'm a thug,
Give me wonder chance
In this life for My Lord
Peace try to soft the bull
And the death is shame in the my heart...

I'm never know when I'm die
My life it so wound...
And is my bro new soldier in this fucka'world
If we trying to survive to calling our learn
But if we die -
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